Medical Freedomin Labour and in Life

Oh hey there, mama!

I’m Corinne Brown.

As a former Naturopathic Doctor and mom of 3, I’m committed to helping you have achieve medical freedom in labour, life & motherhood.

My suite of products like the online Love Your Labour© program and New Mama Manual©, my book “The Badass Birth Goddess”, and my exclusive community 5D Mamas Monthly, all help women at every stage of their journey to speak their truth and advocate for medical freedom.

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Natural birth is simple when you step out of powerless fear & into calm confidence.

Achieve medical freedom in your labour.

Love Your Labour© is a comprehensive online Natural Labour Training Program, complete with a members-only community, that will help you avoid unwanted interventions and manifest your dream birth experience.

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In less than 90 minutes, I will shift your perspective, raise your vibe, and build confidence in your body’s ability to give birth naturally.

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